Mini Dam tot Damlopen

Mini Dam tot Damlopen

Would your little runner also like to experience the NN Dam tot Damloop? Let them participate in the Mini Dam tot Damloop, especially for children from 4 until 13 years old. Start at Zaandam or Amsterdam North and participate in various distances. At Zaandam 2.000 children will be at the start. In Amsterdam North and at the Molenwijkpark there is a Mini Dam tot Damloop for 500 children.


Registration for the Mini Dam to Damlopen open on Tuesday 23 April. 


Start the Mini Dam tot Damloop in Zaandam at the Burcht and enjoy your medal after the finish at the Peperstraat. Don't forget to attend the children's party with very cool performances and child activities.

There are three distances:
  • 0,6 km (4 until 7 years old)
  • 1,2 km (8 and 9 years old)
  • 2,2 km (10 until 13 years old)

Mini Dam tot Damloop Zaandam


There is also a Mini Dam tot Damloop in Amsterdam North. The department Sports of the district Amsterdam North, together with Le Champion organize this Mini Dam tot Damloop for children form the area of Amsterdam North. The start is at the playground of the Bonkelaar and the finish is at the Cruijff Court in the Molenwijk. After the finish you can cheer on the Damlopers who pass by afterwards, so stick around!

There are two distances:
  • 1,0 km (4 until 7 years old)
  • 1,8 km (8 until 13 years old)

Mini Dam tot Damloop Amsterdam-Noord