This year we expect over 70,000 athletes. This makes the Dam tot Dam Weekend one of the biggest sporting events in the world. More information about cheering on the runners and all the festivities on the Dam tot Dam Square and in the Dam tot Dam Park can be read here.


Saturday 22 September | Pink Ribbon Dam tot Dam Wandeltocht | 14,000 participants
Saturday evening 21 September | Damloop by night | 9,000 participants
Sunday 22 September | Saxo Dam tot Dam FietsClassic | 5,000 participants
Sunday 22 September | Mini Dam tot Damloop | 2,500 participants
Sunday 22 September | NN Dam tot Damloop | 40,000 participants


For the safe running of the Dam tot Dam weekend, various temporary traffic measures must be taken. In the table in the digital residents' booklet, which will be published on this page later, you can see which streets will be closed, where a parking ban with tow-away regulation is in force and how long the measures will last. Parking bans are also indicated by signs. Please note! Tow-away regulations are strictly enforced. The cost of towing is borne by the owner of the vehicle. Of course, all streets will remain accessible to emergency services (police, fire and ambulances) in case of an emergency. If you anticipate leaving your street/neighborhood by vehicle during the closures, we recommend parking your vehicle outside the closed area prior to the closures. The measures as currently described may change. Should this be the case, you will be informed further.
Car accessibility Zaandam
The center of Zaandam is difficult to reach by car on Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22. The parking garages Hermitage, Zaantheater (not on Saturday), Rozenhof, Behouden Haven and the parking lot on the Rozengracht are open, but because of the large crowds we advise you to come to the event by bike or public transport. The buses of Connexxion will drive a modified route these days.
Accessibility for cyclists
Cycling is a great way to get around Zaandam during the Dam tot Dam events. However, the Dam, Damstraat, Beatrixbrug, Peperstraat and Wilhelminakade are very busy. We therefore ask you to avoid these locations by bike. You can park your bike in the Fietsenpakhuis on the Vinkenstraat or one of the other bike parkings. Cyclists coming from the direction of the Rosmolenwijk can best park their bicycle at the corner of K. Kansstraat/Sav. Lohmanstraat and Roggeplein.
Schepenbuurt Zaandam
To transport participants and spectators, there will be a shuttle bus service from the Schepenbuurt on Saturday and Sunday. The temporary stops will be on Schepenlaan, the feeder and queue location for the buses will be on Hoogaarslaan, and the buses will exit via Schokkerlaan and Boeierlaan. To manage this shuttle bus service and keep the neighborhood easily accessible for emergency services, various traffic measures are in effect in the Schepenbuurt. 
Burgemeestersbuurt Zaandam
Between the various starting times of the Damloop by night on Saturday evening, vehicles can leave the Burgemeestersbuurt, (because of the closure of the Burgemeester Smitstraat) under the guidance of traffic controllers from 19.15 to 21.25 hours, via the Burgemeester ter Laanstraat. However, if you want to leave the closed area easily by car, we recommend parking your car outside the closed area before the closure.
The Rosmolenbuurt will remain accessible to residents (and church visitors on Sundays) at all times via Kopermolenstraat. 
Buurt Pennemes tot Veldpark
This neighborhood including Stadskwekerij Zaandam will remain accessible to residents at all times via Laan der Vrijheid.
Couriers during the Damloop by night
Business owners (east of the Dam Square) using scooters to use couriers to deliver their services are advised to leave via Damstraat (on foot), Gedempte Gracht, Peperstraat, Sav. Lohmanstraat, Klaas Katerstraat, Gerhardstraat and the Bloemgracht to leave the closed area to reach their customers.
Preventing parking problems Bundlaan Amsterdam
To prevent excessive parking congestion, the Bundlaan is closed to regular traffic at the level of the Grasweg. However, upon presentation of the residents' booklet, residents will have access to this area.
Questions about traffic measures?
If you have any questions about the temporary traffic measures, please contact Le Champion at or call 072-5338136. You can also contact the Municipality of Zaanstad via the municipal information line 14 075 or at the Municipality of Amsterdam via 14 020. The website allows you to report nuisance in public spaces.