It is important to prepare yourself well for the NN Dam tot Damloop. That is why AV-ATOS, Phanos, A.V. Zaanland and AV’23 organise trainings especially for the NN Dam tot Damloop. Below more information about these training runs.
Pre-Run NN Dam tot Damloop
The Pre-Run NN Dam tot Damloop should not be missing from your training schedule on your way to the NN Dam tot Damloop. On Friday evening, Augustus 30, there is a 3.5 English Mile (5.6 km) and 7 English Mile (11.3 km) on the program. Ideal distances to prepare for your Damloop by night and the NN Dam tot Damloop. The start and finish will take place on the Kalverringdijk along the Zaan and the course of the Pre-Run goes over the Zaanse Schans in Zaandam. A unique location where centuries of memories lie, wooden facades, squeeze windows and low doors can be seen.

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Would you like to start the 5 or 10 miles prepared, make use of Runkeeper: the premium running-app from ASICS! Reach your goal with personalised training programs, virtual coaching, tailor-made workouts and many more. Try Runkeeper Go for free for 90 days by signing up for OneASICS. You will also receive exclusive benefits from ASICS. With Runkeeper you are 100% start ready for the Damloop by night and/or NN Dam tot Damloop.

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Dam tot Dam arrangement AV-ATOS
Do you want to participate in the NN Dam tot Damloop this year? Well trained at the start and finishing fit? Come and train at athletics association Atos from Amsterdam North. For years they organise a Dam tot Dam course with enthusiastic participants.

At the course package a bib number for the NN Dam tot Damloop is included. Also free participation at the 10 km of ‘De 30 van Amsterdam-Noord’.

The course consists out of weekly training on our fantastic athletics accommodation: running training, building condition and interval trainings. The trainings are under the management of experienced trainers. Furthermore you will receive a trainings schedule and advise, where the duration and intensity will be adjusted to your capabilities.
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Course NN Dam tot Damloop Phanos
Would you like to be well-prepared at the start of the NN Dam tot Damloop (10 miles)? Join our course and train for 6 months under the management of qualified and experienced running trainers. In order to follow this course with success, you must be able the run for 45 minutes prior to this course.

For the course applies:
  • The altogether weekly training takes place on Tuesday night at the Olympic Stadium.
  • Start on Tuesday the 7th of May. The final training is on Tuesday the 24th of September. You can exchange experiences with training buddies and enjoy the delivered performance.
  • The costs are € 175,- (for 25 altogether trainings).
  • For the trainings at the Olympic Stadium applies: if it is not available due to other activities, the training will take place at the track behind the stadium, or at the Amsterdamse Bos or Vondelpark.
  • The trainings consist out of a warming-up, running training to improve your running technique and exercises, an interval program (shorter of longer parts running with brakes) or an endurance run/test run, and a cooling down. Besides improving your running condition we also pay attention to improve your health in general. Besides the weekly altogether training, you will also receive a schedule for trainings on your own.
  • The trainings lasts 90 minutes.
  • Missed trainings can be catched up on evenings on weekdays and on Saturday morning at one of the regular running groups of Phanos (see the overview of our running groups).
  • Registration is only possible via the online-registration form with once only automatic collection.

New dates for 2023 will be announced later.

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Dam tot Dam arrangement A.V. Zaanland
The spring has started and daylight stays longer, and you also wanted to improve your condition right? Put on your running shoes and come to the course of athletics association Zaanland because we will start again with the training for the NN Dam tot Damloop in the third weekend of September.

Many will recognise the Zaanstreek in September. Flags, banners and advertising everywhere. Slowly Zaanstad is captivated by the NN Dam tot Damloop. The thousands of runners that run through a part of Zaanstad on Saturday evening, or on Sunday when even more runners run through the IJtunnel, to be encouraged by many when reaching the Dam in Zaanstad until the end, the finish at the Peperstraat.

You as a runner can be there
Tuesday and Thursday evening from 20.00 until 21.30 hours and on Saturday from 9.00 and 10.30 hours. When the distances become bigger we mainly run outside the track on the beautiful locations like Castricum, Heemskerk, Wijk aan Zee, the Amsterdamse Bos, ‘t Twiske etc.

You can also send an e-mail to:

New dates for 2023 will be announced later.

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For many it is a challenge to accomplish this special run from Amsterdam to Zaandam. This is however not possible without a serious preparation. Therefore train with athletics association Aalsmeer! This preparation mainly focuses on the experienced runner, not for the real beginners. We assume that participants of this training are able to run for 45 minutes without difficulties.

The first training and acquaintance takes place on Sunday the 24th at 9.00 hours at the athletics course at the Sportlaan 43a at Aalsmeer. After that there will be weekly endurance runs from the parking-lot next to the camping of the Amsterdamse Bos. The run will be in several speeds. The endurance runs will be extended until all participants are able to successfully complete the NN Dam tot Damloop. Enthusiastic?

New dates for 2023 will be announced later.

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