For 1.7 million people with a disability, sports is not always self-evident. Fonds Gehandicaptensport is working hard to make sport and exercise possible for people with a disability so that they too can play sports anywhere, anytime. Will you help us make sports aids possible for at least 10 athletes? Participate = win.

Fonds Gehandicaptensport

Sports is all about fairness. When the starting gun goes, everyone should have an equal chance to win. But still not everyone has a fair chance at the start. For example, the cost of sports equipment is many times higher and there are far fewer sports opportunities and facilities for people with disabilities in the Netherlands. In fact, there are 1.7 million people with disabilities who, in order to play sports, need extra support. The playing field for athletes with and without disabilities is not equal, and therefore not fair. Fonds Gehandicaptensport is working hard to make sport possible for people with disabilities so that they too can play sports anytime and anywhere.

Sports aids

Financing a sports aid such as a sports wheelchair or prosthesis is often a problem. Where should you go for reimbursement? And do you even get reimbursed. Without (suitable) sports aids, sports or exercise is not possible for many. Through Uniek Sporten Hulpmiddelen, athletes with a disability can apply for a sports aid.

Together with the participants of the NN Dam tot Damloop we want to provide at least 10 athletes with a sports aid. Will you help us? Participate = win.